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Vintage, by any other name…

Call it vintage.  Call it gardeny.  Call it romantic.  Whatever you call it, it’s been the prevailing theme for weddings for the past several years and the trend isn’t slowing.  Venues like that which houses us, converted 100+ year old industrial sites with broken out windows, exposed piping and big heavy wood elements lend themselves to this “old-timey” feel.

To keep vintage the centerpieces, we have mason jarred every combination of flower, in just the right place for that wildflower look.  We have laced bouquets, candles, more mason jars, and everything in between to give that romantic flair.  Our newest task is a very cool idea with burlap, which we have wrapped bouquets in in the hundreds.  Now we get to make the bouquet from burlap and lace flowers, in a repurposed wedding  – all things with former lives

Imagine these with the pine cone boutonnieres the bride found !  Now that is a unique idea, and one I’m sure Martha Stewart came up with years ago : )   We are just excited to get to try new things that look old!

What vintage ideas have you seen for your wedding?  I love to hear inspirations behing the ideas!  Feel free to share!

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